Medicare Insurance Association group reaches 7,000 member milestone

Los Angeles, California, February 20, 2022 — ( — The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance’s Linkedin group for Medicare insurance producers has surpassed the 7,000 member mark.

“We wanted a way to provide meaningful insights as well as relevant data,” says Jesse Slome, director of the insurance advocacy organization Medicare. “I think it’s now the largest Linkedin group specifically focused on health insurance.”

Hosted by the Slome Association explained that the organization uses the media as a way to collect and disseminate information. “For example, we just completed a survey of Medicare insurance agents reporting Medicare insurance earnings over multiple years.”

The Linkedin group is open to agents and brokers as well as others who market Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and other senior-related products.

“At the request of early members, we do not allow the posting of promotional messages or articles from those with diaries,” Slome notes.

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Ida M. Morgan