Rexy: Better connection with commuters, targeted approach under a new structure | Sports

BAM doubles head of coaching Rexy Mainaky during a press conference at Akademi Badminton Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on December 28, 2021. – Photo by Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR, December 28 – National coaches can get to know their commuters better and take a more focused approach under the new structure announced today by the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), said Rexy Mainaky.

Rexy, who will oversee the entire doubles department as director of doubles coaches, said coaches will now be assigned a lower number of players, so they have a better understanding of their needs and expectations. responsible for working towards success.

The former Olympic and world champion, who returned to BAM as deputy director of coaching on December 1 before being given the new role today, believes the new setup will reduce problems on the side of training.

“When the number is small, they will know it very well; every angle and every attitude of their players’ expectations of coaches. So the report will come to me in a solid way and I will be able to discuss these issues with the Chairman of the Coaching and Training (C&T) Committee, Datuk Kenny Goh.

“If a coach wants to focus on everyone, it will be difficult and no one will come out with desirable results. There will be a few doubles coaches under me and around 32 players, ”he said at a press conference after the virtual C&T meeting here today.

Rexy, however, admitted that switching to the new system will not be easy, but hoped that with the new approach and better communication, commuter performance will improve next year.

Earlier, Kenny announced a restructuring of the coaching setup, with director of coaching Wong Choong Hann focusing on the singles department as director of coaching and Rexy taking charge of the doubles department.

Meanwhile, Choong Hann said the change was for the better as there had been delays in the decision-making process in the previous structure where he had to oversee all five departments – Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles. – each department having head coaches and separate coaches.

“By focusing more on the singles, I think we could increase the efficiency in terms of delivering our performances.

“With Rexy’s expertise, it is a positive point that he could take care of the doubles department, where the strength lies in the management and maneuvering of all the players under the doubles roof,” he said. -he declares. – Bernama

Ida M. Morgan