Stand for election to the Council of Members of the Europeana Network Association

The Europeana Network Association (ENA) is a strong movement of over 3,000 professionals, across Europe and beyond, who are united by a common mission to expand and improve access to our cultural heritage digital. In this democratic and inclusive community, we share our knowledge and experience and engage in creative cross-border and cross-domain collaboration.

Our members are formally represented in the governance of the Europeana Initiative by representatives they elect to the ENA Membership Council, who then take decisions on their behalf. The Membership Council is made up of 36 representatives, 27 of whom will complete their three-year terms this year. We are therefore looking for future hired advisers to fill their vacant seats, and as chair of the ENA Governance Working Group, I am delighted to officially launch this year’s election campaign!

Why become a municipal councilor?

As an advisor, you represent and formally defend the interests of the members of the ENA. You can help make the governance of ENA more transparent, accountable and democratic, and help us find new ways to add value to ENA membership, and make it more inclusive and diverse. Advisors also have the opportunity to advise and actively help Europeana to implement its strategy and to support Europeana’s mission to empower the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation.

You will have the opportunity to lead the activities of the communities, working groups and working groups of the ENA, and in January 2022 you will be able to elect and also stand for election to the new board of the ENA. . Working formally with other advisers and through the network provides excellent opportunities to network with other cultural heritage practitioners. The new Board will continue to work to develop ways for members to get involved and maintain close collaboration with the Europeana Aggregators Forum and the Europeana Foundation. Learn more about ENA’s current strategic priorities.

We are looking for active and engaged members, ready to move these activities forward and available to attend meetings three times a year. To learn more about the responsibilities of an advisor, you can read our Advisor Terms of Reference.

Apply as a candidate

By October 13, 2021, we invite all ENA members to apply for the Membership Council to fill the 27 vacant seats.

In our aim to make ENA more inclusive and diverse, we welcome applicants from all backgrounds and sectors relevant to Europeana, provided you are a member of ENA. Whether you are an emerging professional new to Europeana or have many years of experience in the cultural heritage sector, we want to hear from you. We welcome professionals working in research, education, copyright, technological development, the creative industry, copyright or any other field related to the work of Europeana. If you’re not yet a member, you still have time to sign up – make sure you do so before October 1, 2021.

Please send us your candidate profile and submit your application via the button below in October 13, 2021. Please explain why you want to introduce yourself, what you represent and what you want to work towards as an advisor member. We will then officially announce the candidates on October 14, 2021, inviting each candidate to come forward and campaign at the ENA. Be sure to follow the campaign using the hashtag #EuropeanaElects.

Ida M. Morgan

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