Two members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association quit, calling the Golden Globes a “toxic place”, Entertainment News

In a major move, two members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association quit the group, calling it “a toxic place for working journalists.” They announced Thursday that they were leaving the group, saying a majority of the Golden Globes organization’s membership was reluctant to efforts to improve diversity and ethical standards.

In a letter written to the HFPA board and obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Diederik van Hoogstraten from the Netherlands and Wenting Xu from China resigned their membership. They criticized the organization’s effort and called it “just a spectacle for the public”.

“The HFPA continues to adapt to a toxic environment that undermines professional journalism. Intimidation of members by other members goes unchallenged and unpunished. Harassment of talents and publicists: ditto, ”wrote the couple in the letter.

They describe the HFPA culture as one of “isolation, silence, fear of retaliation, self-management, corruption and verbal abuse”. “We believe in a welcoming, healthy and respectful place where international journalists working in Los Angeles can develop and prosper. This place is not the HFPA. After we leave, we plan to build a transparent, professional and inclusive organization for current and future generations of journalists who just want to work together, without the toxicity, ”they wrote.

The HFPA has come under fire this year following a series of reports criticizing them for not having a single black member on board. Soon after, many celebrities urged the HFPA to change its ways. They published a detailed timeline of all changes – broadening and diversifying membership, ethics and transparency measures and much more.

Ida M. Morgan